A man once wished he could commit to memory all of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s lectures. To this Maharishi replied – “All that would become a burden; from all the lectures if you will only remember that life is bliss, and through Transcendental Meditation realize it, nothing else need be remembered.”

This singular answer is pretty much the kernel of the vast ocean on Vedic wisdom that Maharishi so generously shared with people across the world. The Vedas are not just for a few – they are universal in their scope and application. They belong as much to the Zulu as to the Arab or to the Hindus. And they proclaim in not so less words – that Man has as his birthright to experience boundless, eternal, immeasurable bliss. He is not to suffer, stricken with strife, disease and want; always struggling to savour a moment of peace.

This is the basis of all the Yogic scriptures, the one export from India that has held sages, mystics, philosophers, thinkers, academicians, scientists, Yoga practitioners and all the gamut, in thrall across centuries of world history. There is unity of life across all stages of existence, from the micro to the macrocosmic; it springs from a permanent source full of inexhaustible, boundless bliss and the human nervous system is designedto experience this and go back to making  ita permanent reality, every moment of their life!

All the six philosophical systems of the Vedic literature, rituals, hymns, passages, stories, and every other kind of knowledge given therein have, in the end, one goal – to catalyze our evolution to higher states of consciousness and give us the blissful vision of totality of life as an ocean of pure awareness from which spring waves of existence. What Maharishi did however, was open the floodgates of this experience to one and all with the absolutely effortless techniques of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM Sidhiprogramme.

His efforts to systematically unravel the Veda in the collective consciousness, beginning with laying the bedrock of concrete experience through the practice of Transcendental Meditation(TM), then going on to establishing Vedic Knowledge Universities, offering TM to different sections of society, elucidating 40 aspects of Vedic literature, encouraging scientific validation through research and culmination in reviving Ayurveda, SthapatyaVedVaastu Shastra and Jyotish to provide a system of getting the maximum out of life has resulted in millions of stress-free, successful people living their full potential. Giant strides have also been taken in providing permanent peace for various countries through large meditating groups of people.

This is how he addressed the masses when he began his journey to spread a wave of peace amongst mankind, on the 29th of November, 1955 –

“Oh ye of the peaceless and suffering humanity!

My happiness desires to root out your suffering.  Will you extend your arm and allow me to lift you up from the mire of misery and peacelessness?

Come on, here is the call of peace and joy for you.  Here is an invitation, a cordial invitation for you all to come and enjoy the blissful grace and all powerful blessings of my Lord the Great Swami BrahmanandSaraswati, the Great among the Greats of the Himalayas.  I have found a treasure in the dust of His Lotus Feet and now I invite you to share it with me and make yourself happy.

Come on; I invite you to get into the Blissful Realm of His universal benevolence.  See, the path is straight and entry is free.  Come on with faith and you will find that the very cause of your peacelessness and misery will be eradicated and you will be adorned with lasting peace and real happiness in your day to day life.

Feel not disappointment in life and shirk not from your responsibilities in despair.  Whatever are your circumstances, rich or poor, if you are not in peace and if you want peace and happiness, come on with faith and you will have it.  Here is the message of hope for you.  Here is the Divine call of rescue for you.  Peace and joy of living await you.  Do not reject it.  Come on and have it.

The sun of Guru Deva’s Blessings is now up on the horizon.  Wake up from the deep slumber of apathy and agony and enjoy all glories of life material and divine.”

Maharishi Jayanti (Maharishi’s birth anniversary) is celebrated annually on the 12th of January.

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